Who I Am

I’m Don Sloan and I am disabled with severe spinal cord deterioration and Bipolar Disorder. I’m confined 99% of the time to a recliner and must rely on my wonderful, caring wife for help with such basic tasks as getting dressed in the morning, when excruciating pain rolls through my body and every step I take with my walker is a challenge.

Yet, through it all, I try to smile and carry on. You can learn to do the same.

This site features lots of personal insights, inspirational posts and information you can use to release your mind from the pain, anxiety, and other emotions that currently may swirl through your Bound Body — bound through no fault of your own.

Yours is a condition with which you have to live . But your mental state of mind — how you feel about life day to day — is entirely within your control. And, through daily communications and your own mental readjustment, you can¬†choose to enjoy life once more.

You will be happier, your caregivers will be relieved, and your overall demeanor will be immediately apparent to all.

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Onward and upward!