Heroes: Part One…


From time to time, we’ll bring you little-known stories about men and women who have gone to heroic heights in overcoming their disability.

Today we honor Claire Lomas, who completed the London Marathon in 2012 with the aid of a bionic suit, even though she is paralyzed from the chest down. The 32-year-old Lomas broke her neck and back in a horse riding accident in 2007. She walked two miles of the course a day, and completed the 26-mile race in 16 days. Although Lomas will not be recorded as an official runner (the rules state finishers must cross the line the same day of the race), she received a special recognition from Virgin founder Richard Branson. The £43,000 ($75,000) walking apparatus, called the ReWalk bionic walking device, responds to changes in balance, and takes a step when the wearer indicates the desire for one. Lomas’ race raised £80,000 for the organization Spinal Research.

Remember: just about anything is possible with enough perseverance and sheer will to overcome your personal adversity.

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